About Eloquenz Concerts

Eloquenz Concerts is a professional classical cello and piano duo team that travels the globe performing and teaching. Under the direction of Dr. Suzanna Hlinka, a pianist, and cellist Christoph Blickling, Eloquenz Concerts was first established as a music series in Bonn, Germany, which was the couple’s base in Europe for almost ten years. Having missed the sun and family too much, the Australian pair returned home in 2015 with a baby daughter in their arms. Inspired by Eloquenz Concerts’ success in Germany, Suzanna and Christoph chose to further their concept more as a brand rather than a series for their future musical endeavours. The aim is to further embrace the interactive manner in which they present themselves.

Why Eloquenz Concerts?

Derived from Latin roots, eloquentia means “to speak out”, and being eloquent refers to being extremely graceful in the interpretation of communication.

Since the concerts deal with the amalgamation of playing and conversation and both music and verbal speaking are a language in which one expresses themselves to the public, Suzanna and Christoph thought the word “Eloquence” merged the two together well and would be ideal to utilise as their brand name. The ‘z’ at the end of “Eloquenz” adds an international flair that portrays Suzanna’s and Christoph’s background. 

5 reasons why Eloquenz Concerts are unique:

  1. Bring world-class entertainment

  2. Different from the traditional format of classical concerts as there is more audience interaction

  3. Mix playing & conversation presented in a professional yet more informal & intimate setting

  4. Reach out to the general public to people from all walks of life targeting both the younger & not so younger generations

  5. Offer varied programs

Eloquenz Concerts looks forward to welcoming you to our performances in 2016 - where music REALLY speaks!